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Volumatic is a global leader in the design, manufacture and implementation of money counting machines and intelligent cash handling solutions. Our customers in the retail, banking and leisure industries use Volumatic products, from money counting machines to banknote checkers and cash storage solutions, to help enhance money security, reduce shrinkage, and deliver process efficiencies. Our products are used globally to count and protect over $4 billion per day.

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Sort the facts from the fiction and read the views of our industry experts from: Coop Food Group, Bank of England, Enryo, Vaultex and Cash Essentials. Download Volumatic's free White Paper for an in-depth report on how COVID has impacted cash and what this means for the future of retail payments.

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For over 50 years Volumatic has been pioneering retail cash handling and security products. We have established a number of industry-leading money counter products and are recognised as a global leader in the design, manufacture and implementation of intelligent cash handling solutions including money counting machines, CounterCache cash deposit units, forgery detectors, friction note counters and cash trolleys. Plus with our unrivalled warranty and fantastic level of customer service and support, you'll know you're in safe hands.

Explore the Volumatic product range today:

Move Cash

Move Cash

Keep your cash safe and secure as it moves throughout your business with our cash handling products.

Money Storage

Money Storage

Check out our simple, robust, easy to use and cost effective secure money storage and protection machines.

Cash Counters

Cash Counters

Save time, improve accuracy, enhance audit, streamline your process with our money counter machines.

Validate Cash

Validate Cash

Eliminate counterfeit notes from your business with minimum fuss with our cash validator devices.

Customer Support

Volumatic intelligent money counter products are some of the most robust and reliable in the market today. Whether you're looking for a simple coin counter or note counter, or something more advanced, Volumatic have the right cash handling machines for you. We are proud to offer you our industry leading warranty and outstanding customer support cover and we have a fantastic track record of customer satisfaction.

Partner Support

Volumatic works closely with a number of reliable partners and distributors across the globe to ensure that we can offer the right cash handling solutions. Whether you're after our innovative money counting machines or our bank note checker devices we offer the right local support to our customers, according to their geography and market sector.

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We're trusted by some of
the world's leading brands

Tesco The Co-op Food Group Dobbies

"From the initial discussion right through to post-installation support, the entire team at Volumatic has provided an exceptional level of service."


"It's a godsend. The way we used to process cash took so long and was such a security risk. SmartCash has completely changed the way we work with cash."

Peter Batt, The Co-op Food Group

"The CountEasy money counter from Volumatic is incredibly reliable. 
It allows us to count large denominations of cash confidently
and efficiently

Sam Field
Dobbies Tewkesbury

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