Cash Handling Systems

Use Our Cash Processing Solutions To Cut Costs By 75%

At Volumatic, we are experts when it comes to cash handling systems, cash processing solutions and retail security. We’ve built a trusted reputation as the complete solutions provider for retailers.

It is because of our innovative and effective cash handling solutions that our clients choose to put their requirements in our safe hands. From cash counting and checking with our money counting machines, to cash validation and secure money storage, we are here to help with every stage of the process.

Our products and services are designed to help retail businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are part of a global organisation or running a small business, our solutions can help. We understand the challenges that needing to handle money can bring to a business; for this reason, we’ve designed our products, from every money counting machine to every banknote checker machine, around intelligently solving these concerns.

Whether you need cash handling, cash processing or retail security, we’ve got the right solution to help your business thrive. Get in touch with us today with your enquiry.

Keeping Cash Safe And Cost-Effective

With the world turning to digital solutions, it is a common misconception that cash is becoming irrelevant. The truth is, cash payments continue to thrive, even more so with the recent cost of living crisis, which has seen more consumers turning to cash to help them manage their budget more effectively. Therefore businesses need cash handling systems in order to keep up.

According to the Bank of England, over 5 million adults in Britain rely on cash on a day-to-day basis and cash remains the preferred payment method for 21% of the population, with a further 59% still wishing to use it for certain purchases or as a back up to digital payments. Cash continues to play a vital contingency role for everyone when other forms of payment are unavailable or interrupted. During 2021 there were an estimated 13 billion cash transactions made in the UK alone.

The world is experiencing a resurgence in cash spending, with currency in circulation at the highest level in 36 years.

Manual cash handling and cash processing solutions are no longer fit for purpose. Miscounts and errors can easily be made, and fraudulent notes can easily be missed. Not only that, but manual cash handling relies on trustworthy and honest employees at every stage of the business.

In 2022, the average dollar loss per dishonest employee was $1,551.66. Unreliable and ineffective cash handling and cash processing solutions can be a real threat to business profits. No business can afford revenue losses because of poor money handling, and that is where our solutions come in.

Complete Cash Handling Systems From Volumatic

Our team at Volumatic take pride in creating intelligent cash handling systems for a range of businesses. Because we understand that your profits depend on us, our products work to streamline handling money within your business. Our most effective solutions include:

Cash Counting

Manually countoptioning cash should be a thing of the past; it is prone to errors, extremely time consuming, and often inaccurate. Our solutions include intelligent cash counting machines which make things significantly simpler. With a range of cash counters to choose from, you can find the perfect money counter to suit your unique business.

All our cash counters guarantee total accuracy and work to improve auditing processes and accounting efficiencies. Ranging from the simple yet efficient CountEasy 2 money counting machine, through to the powerful FC300 note counter and sorter, we have cash counters to meet every business requirement.

Retail Security

Safely storing and transporting cash is a vital part of the cash handling process. We offer a range of CounterCache units which work to ensure cash is never visible. These help to remove the temptation and avoid till snatches so that you can reduce internal shrink. Choose from the CounterCache Basic or CounterCache Classic depending on your business needs.

As well as these, our Cash Trolley solutions are designed to ensure you can safely move cash through your business.

Forgery Detection

One of the biggest risks to businesses that accept cash payments is forgery. Effective cash handling solutions must work to eliminate counterfeit notes from your company. Volumatic’s range of forgery detection solutions works with the Bank of England’s Framework so they can detect every known forgery currently in circulation.

We offer various levels of cash processing machines depending on the size and requirements of your business.

All-in-One Cash Handling Solution

Our most effective cash handling machine is the award-winning CounterCache intelligent (CCi). The CCi streamlines the entire cash handling process to ensure accurate and simple cash processing. With the CounterCache intelligent, cash is accepted by the till operator and not touched again until it is safely in your bank’s hands. The CCi, is a cash counter, banknote checker, and secure storage device in one - essentially, it's the ultimate in POS cash solutions.

The powerful CashView device management software gives you access to monitor, manage and maintain a full estate of CCi units from one central location. This cash handling system gives you full control and visibility over your cash transactions.

Take a look at our full range of intelligent cash handling products here

Why Choose Volumatic?

Volumatic is proud to be a world-leading supplier of cash processing solutions for retail, banking, leisure and hospitality businesses. We pride ourselves on creating innovative and intelligent solutions that help your business thrive.

Our team stay at the forefront of technology so that our products can evolve to meet the constantly adapting retail requirements. Here are just a few of the reasons retailers choose Volumatic and the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) for cash handling:

  • Trusted by major businesses across the globe, including Tesco, The Co-op Food Group, Morrisons, Marston's, Subway, NBC Universal, Rituals, Ulta and Santander
  • Streamlined solutions with just one touchpoint from the customer to the bank
  • Reduced cash processing costs by 75%
  • Simple to use solutions that require minimal training and no prior knowledge of cash handling
  • Innovative loss prevention efficiencies including safe cash storage and transportation
  • EPOS system integration with CCi for improved security and ease of use.
  • Enhanced accounting efficiencies with full audit trails and automatic data transfers
  • Guaranteed forgery detection to eliminate counterfeit notes effortlessly.
  • Volumatic team work closely with the Bank of England to follow their framework and detect all known forgeries
  • CCi machines supplied all across the globe and can detect forgeries from a range of currencies.

We’re Here To Solve Your Common Issues

There are many benefits to businesses having intelligent cash handling systems. Some of the most common issues that occur in retail environments are;

  • Due Diligence: When it comes to cash processing, due diligence is essential, but often lacking. Knowing where your cash is at all times and who has access to it is vital for protecting it. Solutions from Volumatic ensure that your cash is always secure.
  • Paper Trails: Keeping paper trails of where your cash is and who can reach it helps to keep it safe. In the event of a discrepancy at the end of the day, a lack of paper trails will mean you can’t track back where the error was made. Solutions like the CCi offer full audit trails and automatic data transfers.
  • Security Flaws: Fraud, theft and security breaches are all common security flaws that lead to loss of cash in a business. Effective cash handling and cash processing solutions will help to ensure your cash security.

To find out more about how Volumatic can help your business, please get in touch with the team to receive your free cash consultation.