Cash Handling

We are the complete cash handling solutions provider.

Trust us to streamline how your businesses handle money. From moving and counting to protecting and validating cash, our industry knowledge and experience allows us to tailor our approach to each individual client. Delivering bespoke and innovative solutions to a variety of industries, we meet your cash handling requirements, regardless of your sector or business size.

The fundamentals of how your money flows through your business begin with counting cash. Using our range of money counting machines guarantees accuracy each and every time. Streamline and enhance your entire counting process, from accounting to auditing, with our durable and portable count by weight and high-speed note counting products.

Safeguarding your peace of mind at the point of sale, our range of easy-to-use and cost-effective forgery detectors ensures quick authentication, rejecting all known forgeries in circulation by detecting the seven hallmarks of a forged note.

Having confidence that your money is secured safely is key to keeping the cash handling process moving effectively. Our range of cost-effective solutions, including the CounterCache range, ensures your cash is not visible, therefore reducing the risk of internal shrink and till snatches, as well as removing the need for time-consuming skims.

Cash as a form of payment keeps business alive. At Volumatic, we empower our customers by finding the most intelligent method to streamline their approach to cash handling. Get in touch today, and see the difference we can make to your business.