Case Study:

Dobbies is the UK's leading garden centre retailer with 76 stores. It was established by James Dobbie back in 1865 and began its life in Renfrew, Scotland. There are now stores in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

By implementing two different cash handling solutions provided by Volumatic, Dobbies has been able to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their daily cash counting processes in all of their stores...

Challenges Faced by Dobbies

As operators of 76 garden centres in the UK, and taking a high volume of cash each day, especially in their large stores, Dobbies needed help to keep their cash secure during busy periods and also needed to find an alternative to manual cash counting that would help their in-store teams become more efficient and spend more time engaging with customers on the shop floor.

The Volumatic Solution

With Dobbies having already installed Volumatic Countercache Basic secure storage units in their stores to help colleagues store their cash safely at POS around 15 years ago, and being impressed by the ongoing service and products Volumatic have consistently supplied since then, Dobbies approached Volumatic again to help find them a more advanced cash handling solution. After establishing that team members in their stores needed to find an easier way to count their till drawers more efficiently and accurately at the end of each day, Volumatic recommended our CountEasy money counting scales as an easy and cost-effective solution.

The Outcome

Trusting Volumatic's advice, Dobbies invested in CountEasy scales for all their stores and immediately discovered the benefits, with Sam Field, General Manager at Dobbies Tewkesbury stating; "Our favourite thing about the Volumatic solutions we use is having both reliability and confidence in the product - the ability to count money and trust in its accuracy.”

Dobbies reported that both their CounterCache Basic units and their CountEasy scales have made the life of Dobbies in-store teams much easier - Sarah White, Maintenance Manager at Dobbies Central Support Office, said: "Not having to do daily manual cash counting makes a massive difference to the store team members and makes their lives easier, meaning they can spend a lot more time with our customers." Sam added: "The CountEasy money counter from Volumatic is incredibly reliable. It allows us to count large denominations of cash confidently and efficiently, and the CounterCache units are secure and user-friendly."

Sarah also complimented the ordering process and outstanding Customer Support at Volumatic, saying: "Ordering from Volumatic is always easy - we order, they dispatch their products almost immediately, and they arrive at our stores quickly, ready to unpack and use straight away, with no fuss."

"Volumatic always provide great customer service and are always happy to help - they offer a great all-round service and I would definitely recommend Volumatic products and service to other retailers looking for help with their cash handling."

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"The CountEasy money counter from Volumatic is incredibly reliable. 
It allows us to count large denominations of cash confidently
and efficiently

Sam Field
Dobbies Tewkesbury

The key product in this Case Study was the CountEasy 2 Cash Counting Machine

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