Cash Facts

If you want to know the facts about cash then read on - you might be surprised by some of what we have to share .

Since you've been on this page, over
...has been withdrawn from cash machines.

(ATMIA, 2017)

97% of British consumers say they carry cash on them

(Access to Cash Review 2019)

During 2020, 13.7 million customers made cash payments each month in the UK


For 8 million people in Britain, or 17% of the population, living in a cashless society would present real challenges


In 2019, 37% of the UK population said that they still need cash because local shops or services don’t yet take digital payments


The average shrink rate in the US for 2019 accounted for 1.62% of the retail industry's
bottom line - an all time high

(2020 National Retail Security Survey)

75% of countries report cash is used in over 20% of transactions

(FIS Worldpay Global Payments Report 2021)

The average dollar loss per dishonest employee was $1,139.32 in 2019

(NRF, 2020)

The amount of cash in circulation in the United States is estimated to be $1.2 trillion and continues to increase


There is approximately US$40 trillion in circulation globally


Physical currency is experiencing a resurgence. In the US, currency in circulation by the end of 2021 is an estimated $2.07 trillion, which will be the highest level since post-war 1945

(Federal Reserve Data 2021)

Individuals aged 18-25 years old have the highest share of cash use at 34%, followed by those 65 and older who report using cash for 33% of payments