Cash Information and Facts

If you want to know the facts about cash then read on - you might be surprised by some of the cash information we have to share.

Since you've been on this page, over
...has been withdrawn from cash machines.

(ATMIA, 2017)

Over 5 million adults rely on cash in their day-to-day lives

(Bank of England 2022)

During 2022,
6 billion cash payments were made in the UK


For 25 million people in Britain, 48% of the population, living in a cashless society would be problematic for them

(The Cash Census 2022)

Cash remains the preferred payment method for 21% of the population of the UK

(The Cash Census 2022)

More than £3.3 billion in cash was withdrawn and deposited over Britain's Post Office’s counters in July 2022 — the highest amount in its 360-year history

(Post Office Data 2022)

The average shrink rate in the US for 2021 accounted for 1.44% of the retail industry's
bottom line

(2022 National Retail Security Survey)

75% of countries report cash is used in over 20% of transactions

(FIS Worldpay Global Payments Report 2021)

The average dollar loss per dishonest employee was $1,551.66 in 2022


The amount of cash in circulation in the United States in 2022 is estimated to be $5.8 trillion and continues to increase


There is approximately US$40 trillion in circulation globally


Individuals aged 18-25 years old have the highest share of cash use at 34%, followed by those 65 and older who report using cash for 33% of payments