Volumatic delivers additional security with their new CCi Floor Mount with Storage

10 December 2022

With extra security being front of mind for everyone these days, Volumatic are introducing a brand new floor-mounted enclosure to their range, designed specifically for the CCi, that will help keep your cash - and your CCi device - even safer than ever.

The CCi Floor Mount with Storage joins our range of enhanced security options for your all-in-one CounterCache intelligent (CCi) device, alongside our original CCi Floor Mount, our CCi Security Enclosure and our CCi Security Clamp.

These enhanced security options offer an extra element of security for your CCi machines, and this latest addition to the Volumatic range also provides a handy lockable storage compartment at the base of the unit, which can be used to store your CCi pouches, seals, cash bags, till rolls or anything else you need to hand.

While the CCi already offers a high level of secure storage for your banknotes at POS, the new CCi Floor Mount with Storage enclosure allows you to mount your CCi safely and bolt it to the floor, making it even harder to target by would-be thieves.

This clever floor mount encases your CCi in a study and durable steel case, but also allows it to remain easily accessible by authorized personnel to enable you to use your CCI and its connectivity during trading hours as normal. And at night, it can be locked securely with its dual-key security, providing extra protection for large sums of cash.

Mike Severs, Director of Sales & Marketing at Volumatic said: “We’re always excited to be developing new products for our range and the CCi Floor Mount with Storage is no exception. Our CCi customers already have security at the front of their minds and we’ve worked with them to produce this latest enhanced security enclosure to help keep their cash takings even safer – which is especially useful during the busy festive season when they are often targeted.”

The CCi Floor Mount with Storage is available to order now and offers a low footprint and low maintenance solution to help keep your team safer, and minimise threats, and with its lockable storage compartment, it offers the perfect solution to store cash and whatever else you need at POS in the most convenient and secure way.

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