CCi Floor Mount

CCi Floor Mounts Overview

Our CCi Floor Mounts are metal enclosures designed to house a Volumatic CounterCache intelligent (CCi) device safely and securely by bolting it to the floor. We currently offer two different versions of our secure floor mount for the CCi - our original CCi Floor Mount and our new CCi Floor Mount with Storage, which has a handy lockable storage compartment at the base of the unit, perfect for storing CCi pouches, seals, cash bags, till rolls and any other essentials you need at POS.

Two Modes for Extra Security and Ease of Use

Both versions of the Volumatic CCi Floor Mount have two modes: During trading times, our CCi Floor Mounts can be accessed to store the cash in the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) unit. During closing hours, the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) unit and your cash remains safe and secure in its protected enclosure which can be closed and locked with dual keys.

Benefits of the Volumatic range of CCi Floor Mounts

  • Flexibility
  • Dual key for CiT/staff to access
  • Access to enable use of the CCi and its connectivity
  • Secures and protects large sums of cash
  • Low maintenance
  • All security enclosures fit both standard and high capacity CounterCache intelligent (CCi) devices
  • Available with or without lockage storage compartment


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