Case Study:
Heart of England Co-op

The Heart of England Co-op is an independent consumer co-operative originally founded in 1832 in Volumatic's home city of Coventry, operating 38 stores across the Midlands.

Volumatic introduced the CCi to the Heart of England Co-op to ensure they had a solution that would solve all of their cash handling issues...

Challenges Faced by Heart of England Co-op

Heart of England Co-op prides itself on putting its people and customers first, and were concious that the time taken by their Store Managers to cash up each day was eating into time that could have been spent with their customers or on other key tasks. They were also experiencing a huge issue with forged banknotes coming through their stores, so needed a cash handling solution that could address both these issues. 

The Volumatic Solution

Having researched cash-handling solutions that might fit their needs, Heart of England contacted Volumatic to enquire about our CounterCache range. Understanding that they needed a forgery detection solution too, Volumatic introduced the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) and also recommended the CountEasy TS IP for quick till drawer counting. We also mentioned that their colleagues at The Co-op Food Group had recently invested in the CCi for their stores, which gave Heart of England Co-op the confidence to go forward with a trial at their stores.

Following a very successful trial, Heart of England were so impressed by the CountEasy TS IP and the CCi solution that they invested in both devices for all their stores.

The Outcome

Within virtually no time at all, Heart of England Co-op discovered the following benefits by installing the CCi in their stores:

1) They no longer get scammed by counterfeit notes

2) They have extra security, as colleagues no longer have access to the cash, minimising shrinkage

3) They have made a huge time saving in their cash office  each day - they now save around 20 minutes per day per store, freeing up time for more customer focused tasks

4) Banking errors have been almost eradicated

5) Centrally they have more visibility around their cash holding levels, allowing Heart of England to manage their cash collections in line with their business needs and also monitoring their insurance levels

They're also pleased with the Customer Support received from Volumatic, stating: "We get a fast response from your helpdesk and our Sales Manager is also on hand for any queries we may have."

Beverley Cartwright, Head of Internal Audit at Heart of England Co-op said: "The CCi is now embedded into our Heart of England Stores. It looks neat, works effectively, cuts down our cash handling times and allows us to put that time to better use."

"We no longer suffer from criminals trying to pass forged notes to our cashiers. It also gives us greater control over our cash holding without the need to visit stores or disrupt store colleagues away from their day job."

"I would recommend Volumatic to other businesses and have already done so on multiple occasions."

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"The CCi is now embedded into our Heart of England Stores. It works effectively, cuts down our cash handling times and allows us to put that time to better use."

Beverley Cartwright, Heart of England Co-op

The key product in this Case Study was the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) Cash Stacker, Counter & Validator

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