CountEasy TS IP cash counting machine

CountEasy TS IP Overview

With its ground-breaking touchscreen technology, the CountEasy TS IP money counter from Volumatic delivers greater cash handling efficiencies than any other count-by-weight scale in the world. The CountEasy TS IP's simple and intuitive icons allows for minimal training to accurately count and record the contents of multiple tills, and, if appropriate, in multiple currencies. It is also fully configurable to streamline any cash handling process and works as both a coin counter and a note counter as required.

Advanced Touch Screen Display

Like your mobile phone or tablet, the high resolution full colour TFT screen only displays those functions that you need when you need them. Universally recognisable iconography and intuitive design mean that complex functions can now be performed easily by operators.

Six times faster than counting by hand, the CountEasy TS IP cash counting machine is the latest addition to the CountEasy range, and is ideal for speeding up spot checks, cash lifts, banking, shift changes and end-of-day reconciliation.

Printers and Accessories

The integrated printer (IP) gives the user the ability to print a hard copy of the count, enhancing accountability and making it one of the most sophisticated money counting machines on the market. It is also available without an integrated printer (IP); see the CountEasy TS counting machine.

You can also purchase till cups that are designed to work with the CountEasy when counting down a till drawer. The till cups are completely reusable and easy to use.

Benefits of the Volumatic CountEasy TS IP

  • Intuitive design and menu driven software make using the CountEasy TS IP cash counter so simple that practically no training is required
  • The use of universal iconography, rather than words or abbreviations, makes it perfect for multi-cultural environments
  • Counts up to 200 tills around your store or business
  • Operates with mains or rechargeable battery so it is fully portable and can be used anywhere it is needed, even when fitted with an optional printer (order CountEasy TS IP)
  • Intelligent battery management software means the CountEasy TS IP can operate for an entire day on battery power
  • The battery pack is fully rechargeable in just over three hours
  • Non-volatile memory means that data will not be lost in the event of an unexpected power failure
  • No need to manually key in data - the CountEasy TS IP, with fully configurable comms options, uploads all data to any cash spreadsheet or back office system quickly and simply – eliminating keying errors and saving time
  • Keeps a real-time running total, so you always know where you are in the count, with real time running clock and date stamp for audit integrity
  • Use the CountEasy TS IP to set your floats, check coin bags and note bundles and to balance a drawer quickly, even in front of customers in case of a change dispute - coins can even be counted whilst still in their till cups, making counting quick and simple
  • With the integrated printer, it allows the cashier to sign a hard copy of every count, providing a clear audit trail
  • Unlike some machines there is no need for regular recalibration
  • Complete peace of mind with Volumatic’s highly respected customer support offering, which includes a three-year box swap warranty
  • Optional; Till Cups are reusable and easy to use with your CountEasy TS IP

Get Connected

The CountEasy TS IP comes with an Integrated Smart Wedge, which allows count data transfer to a host with no additional cost or software. In addition, the optional CountEasy TS IP Connect Application provides fully flexible integration options for the end user.

  • Automatically transcribe to Notepad
  • Automatically update your cash management system
  • Output Modes: Amount, Count, Total, Printer
  • Configurable Data Separators (getting from field to field)


CountEasy TS Connect: Want to transfer data to your cash spreadsheets automatically? CountEasy TS Connect software allows data to be downloaded instantaneously to your cash spreadsheet, saving even more time and eliminating errors.

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