CounterCache intelligent


  • LESS handling – CCi validates, counts and securely stores your cash automatically
  • LESS mistakes – Errors are eliminated. Forgeries are stopped dead
  • LESS downtime – Reduces or eliminates the need to interrupt trading to perform manual skims
  • LESS shrink – Case studies show CCi reduces cash processing costs by 75% per annum on average saving retailers millions of pounds

Some retailers touch their cash as many as 14 times in their cash process. With CCi you touch it just once. Cash accepted by your till operator is never touched again, until it reaches your bank.

CCi streamlines your cash handling processes to provide substantial operational and accounting efficiencies whilst reducing shrink. It was awarded a Queens Award for Innovation in 2011.
Volumatic’s CashView software allows you to manage, monitor and maintain an estate of CCi units centrally, perhaps from a cash office or head office, giving you total visibility and control of all cash transactions down to till level across your entire business.

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