Integration Options

Volumatic offer a range of software options and integration methodologies to allow your business to monitor, manage and maintain the estate of your CounterCache Intelligent (CCi) cash handling machine. These range from simple non-networked mobile applications up to fully integrated solutions which provide total visibility and control of all cash transactions at till, store and enterprise levels.

CCi Assistant

CCi Assistant is a mobile app developed by Volumatic that gives users a quick overview of the value and denominations within a single CCi unit via Bluetooth. It also offers full traceability through scanning of a pouch barcode. This is a useful solution for proof of concept trials or non-networked environments.

Features Benefits
Can connect up to 20 individual CCi Devices; connecting to one CCi device at any one-time, Emailed banking reports, Android compatible only, Integrated bar code functionality, CiT optimisation Simple to use, Full traceability


Our CashView device management software allows businesses store level visibility of their CCi units and provides detailed transaction and banking reports as well as analysis of networked devices. CashView can also be used to manage, configure and update CCi units within the store.

Features Benefits
Can connect up to 300 devices, three standard reports; banking, trading and current cash position, Supports local or remote diagnostics Full traceability

CashView Enterprise CVE

CashView Enterprise CVE enables businesses to access their CCi devices globally via the cloud 24/7. It offers multiple configurable reports that can be scheduled and automated for distribution within your business hierarchy. CVE allows your business to centrally manage, configure and update your CCi units globally, and it also offers alerts and alarms that can be instantly distributed over a range of communication platforms.

Features Benefits
Six reports; banking, trading data, current cash position, operator accountability, events and note rejects Web based; allowing for 24/7 access globally, Support for 1000+ stores and up to 50 CCi units per store


We have a range of 3rd party Middleware options that can create a bridge between your CCi devices and other technologies, such as your EPOS or CCTV systems, allowing for low cost and simple integration of CCi within your business.

Features Benefits
Generates critical alerts and reports in real-time to users locally and across the business enterprise Quickly and easily integrates cash transactions with EPOS and CC TV data

EPOS Integration

The CCi can be integrated with your EPOS system through UPOS drivers which are available from Volumatic. This allows for fully integrated reconciliation with your other business systems and can be used to deliver additional functionality such as Autotendering or barcode scanning of pouches.

Features Benefits
CCi is embedded within EPOS cash management functionality Real time and automated cash balance reporting and reconciliation, directly from the EPOS system

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