Volumatic partner with DTS Connex in the U.S. to offer the ultimate solution to cash handling

22 February 2022

First announced at NRF 2022 last month, Volumatic are excited to confirm a new partnership that combines our expertise as a trusted cash handling solutions provider with DTS Connex’s trusted online cash management tools, to offer U.S retailers the ultimate solution to their cash handling needs.

This collaboration offers retailers in the U.S. the opportunity to reduce their costs and cash processing time, minimize shrinkage, eliminate bill forgeries and provide error-free cash reconciliation – all at point of sale.

DTS Connex offers online cash management software tools that are designed to work with any bank, courier, device or system and their tools are currently deployed in over 85,000 locations across North America. This software provides centralized visibility, oversight, and control over daily cash operations.

Volumatic’s new partnership with DTS Connex will see both businesses promote the integration of DTS Connex software with the current Volumatic U.S. product range. The product range includes the innovative CounterCache intelligent (CCi) ‘closed loop’ solution and the best-selling CountEasy range of money counting scales, meaning DTS Connex’s U.S. customers will get to enjoy the following benefits from Volumatic:

  • 100% accurate cash counts - eliminating errors and discrepancies
  • Huge time savings - taking staff out of the cash office so they can focus on customer service
  • ‘One touch’ bill processing - eliminating manual counting and till skimming
  • Cash processing costs are reduced by up to 75%

DTS Connex and Volumatic showcased the integration of their cash management software tools with Volumatic’s equipment on the Volumatic stand at NRF 2022 in New York in January, to huge interest from retailers visiting the event.

Krystal Adams, Volumatic’s Vice President of Sales, North America is enthusiastic about the new partnership and what it means for Volumatic. She said: “Our U.S. business is currently experiencing a huge level of growth, and we have been looking for partners who can help us take our products to the next level.”

“DTS Connex’s software goes hand in hand with our cash handling devices and together we can provide the very best cash handling solutions to the retail, restaurant and grocery industries.”

Jason Stambaugh, DTS Connex’s Director of Partner Experience, commented “We are excited to partner with the Volumatic team to add integrated DTS Connex services to their line-up of smart devices. Every new DTS Connex integration creates innovative opportunities for merchants to improve operational efficiency, increase cash control, and gain valuable insights into daily cash operations across the enterprise.”

For more information about the partnership with DTS Connex, or to discuss the CountEasy range of scales or CCi and how they could help your business, contact Vice President of Sales - North America, Krystal Adams, on 888-296-3010 or by emailing usainfo@volumatic.com or visit the website: www.volumatic.com/us

About DTS Connex:

DTS Connex offers a suite of online cash management solutions used in over 85,000 locations across North America. Clients take advantage of these solutions to connect their partners, centralize data, increase operational efficiency, and gain enterprise visibility and control. You can learn more about DTS Connex by visiting: https://dtsconnex.com/

Contact DTS Connex by phone 410-876-5756 or email: salesteam@dtsconnex.com

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