Case Study:
Schwartz Bros.

Schwartz Bros. is a small but popular gourmet burger takeaway business with two restaurants based in Bath in the UK. Established in 1977, Schwartz Bros. have built an excellent reputation for the best burgers in Bath, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Schwartz Bros. went cashless during the pandemic, but lost customers as a result, and when they started to accept cash again they turned to Volumatic for a solution that would help them count and store their sudden influx of cash more accurately and securely...

Challenges Faced by Schwartz Bros.

After originally investing in the Volumatic CounterCache Basic to store their cash takings several years ago, Scwartz Bros. made the decision to go cashless when the pandemic hit in 2020, to streamline the business in uncertain times. However, the reality of going cashless meant they lost customers - people who were there and ready to buy their burgers would simply walk out rather than pay by card.

After remaining cashless for three years, which hit their profits hard, they reversed their decision, and started accepting cash again. This resulted in happier customers, and more profits, and with more cash than ever coming through the door, they contacted Volumatic once again to help them find a solution to keep their banknotes even more secure.

The Volumatic Solution

Schwartz Bros. initially spoke to the Volumatic Sales team to enquire about a more advanced version of their CounterCache - the CounterCache Classic, to help keep their cash more secure during trading periods. We then asked them how they count their cash, and they admitted that manual cash counting took up a big chunk of time each day, so then Volumatic also proposed that they could potentially benefit from using our CountEasy 2 money counting scales too, and after researching this solution they invested in the CountEasy 2 for both of their restaurants.

The Outcome

Schwartz Bros. are back on top now that they have returned to accepting cash, with many customers happy to be able to pay by cash again, and with the help of the CountEasy 2 they are now able to count their cash more quickly and efficiently, giving them more time to make even more of their fantastic burgers and spend the time serving their customers. They have already counted and securely stored thousands of pounds in cash to date without a single error with the help of their Volumatic solutions and are very happy with their decision.

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"We're really
pleased Volumatic recommended the CountEasy 2 - it's made counting cash so much quicker and has been a great investment for our business." 

Alex Smith,
Schwartz Bros.

The key product in this Case Study was the CountEasy money counting scale

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