CountEasy cash counting machine

With over 50,000 Volumatic CountEasy money counting machines in daily use across our customer base, you can depend on its tried and tested technology to provide 100% accurate cash counts first time, every time, eliminating count errors every single day.

With the CountEasy money counter you can accurately count the entire contents of a till in less than a minute, saving you time and money and making your business more efficient.

The CountEasy cash counting machine can be carried effortlessly in one hand and operated from mains or a rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours. So wherever your cash needs counting, you can record it on the spot.

Ideal for speeding up spot checks, lifts, banking, shift changes and end of day, the Volumatic CountEasy is extremely versatile, and is available with or without an integrated printer (IP). View CountEasy IP.

Additionally, you can purchase till cups that are designed to maximise your performance when using the CountEasy as a coin counter and counting down a till drawer. The till cups are completely re-usable and easy to use.

Benefits of the Volumatic CountEasy

  • Note counting machine and coin counter
  • Six times faster than counting by hand and more accurate
  • Keeps a real-time running total, so you always know where you are in the count
  • Use CountEasy to set your starting floats making them quick and easy to prepare
  • Fast and simple to check bundles when checking till contents
  • Portable so you can count anywhere, even without a power socket nearby
  • Allows you to balance a drawer quickly in front of customers in case of a change dispute
  • Weighing mode allows you to weigh miscellaneous items such as mail
  • Small footprint takes up minimal desk space
  • Adding a printer (by ordering the CountEasy IP), which also runs off the rechargeable battery, allows the cashier to sign a hard copy print out of every count, giving better accountability
  • Industry-leading five year box swap warranty for complete peace of mind
  • With optional till cups you will speed up and simplify your counting process saving even more time and money

Get Connected

The Volumatic CountEasy cash counter can be enhanced with Connect driver software which enables the transfer of count data from your CountEasy directly into a windows PC via a USB cable. This allows you to automatically populate a spreadsheet or back office application, saving significant time and removing the opportunity for manual errors.

  • Automatically auto populate a spreadsheet
  • Automatically transcribe to Notepad
  • Automatically update your cash management system
  • Output Modes: Amount, Count, Total, Printer
  • Configurable Data Separators (getting from field to field)
  • Automatic creation of time stamped file on the host (CSV Mode) for audit or interface purposes


CountEasy Connect: Want to transfer data to your cash spreadsheets automatically? CountEasy Connect software allows data to be downloaded instantaneously to your cash spreadsheet, saving even more time and eliminating errors.

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