Case Study:

Founded in Leicester back in 1892 by Frederick W. Rushbrooke, Halfords is now the UK's leading retailer of motoring, cycling and leisure products and services.

With 1,249 stores across the UK, Halfords was struggling with losses with both regular till snatches and shrinkage until Volumatic helped them find solutions to help improve the security and efficiency in all their stores...

Challenges Faced by Halfords

Operating so many busy stores, with staff helping customers both inside and outside the store saw Halfords struggling to keep their till points secure. Till snatches were common across all their stores, and like many other retailers, they also had an issue with shrinkage. End-of-day cash processing also took up valuable time, with employees complaining it was taking too long to count money when they simply wanted to go home after a long day.

The Volumatic Solution

Looking into possible cash handling solutions on the market, Halfords approached Volumatic and after listening to the issues they were experiencing, Volumatic recommended two solutions - the CounterCache Classic, to help keep their cash securely stored at POS, and our CountEasy money counting machines, to help colleagues count their till drawers efficiently and accurately. Halfords were impressed by the simplicity and quality of the CounterCache Classic, plus the extra security it would provide, and also the time saving provided by the CountEasy money counting scales, so decided to invest in both devices for all their UK stores.

The Outcome

Halfords saw the benefits of both Volumatic solutions almost instantly, and even today, over 20 years after first partnering with Volumatic, they are still happy with both solutions for "doing exactly what they are supposed to do," and being "reliable, well-made and great quality."

Halfords reported that since installing the CounterCache Classic devices, till snatches have greatly reduced, as with this solution in place, thieves are detered. Shrinkage is also a thing of the past, as their till points are now a much more secure environment.

They also credit Volumatic's CountEasy money counting scales for their accuracy, stating: "The CountEasy scales never make any counting errors and they significantly shorten our cash processing, making our stores more efficient."

Steve Bullen, Group Services & Contracts Manager at Halfords said: "Volumatic are a brand that can be trusted. They provide quality, secure devices that deter thieves and stop shrinkage, which is why we put them in ALL of our Halfords stores. They have also helped us reduce the time we spent counting cash, which had massively helped us from an efficiency point of view."

He added: "We like having a dedicated Account Manager at Volumatic, who is always on hand to give us advice and help us with spare parts or anything else we need. They are knowledgeable, easy to deal with and always come back to us in a timely manner, and whenever we need new devices, they are always delivered quickly with no hassle. I would absolutely recommend Volumatic for both their solutions and service."

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"The CounterCache Classic is brilliant - a well-made, reliable device that does exactly what it's supposed to do - they never fail and so we've never had to look for anything else"

Steve Bullen, Halfords

The key product in this Case Study was the Counter Cache Classic secure storage device

Counter Cache Classic Overview With over 1,000,000 units installed worldwide, Volumatic Counter Cache secure storage devices protect well over $2 Billion in global retail cash every single day and...

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