Case Study:
Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. Founded in 1887, they have grown to 1,056 stores across the Netherlands and Belgium.

Supplied through one of our distributors, Moneytronic, Volumatic's CCi solution helped eliminate Albert Heign's internal counting errors and security concerns.

Challenges faced by Albert Heijn

With many busy supermarkets including their large formal 'XL' stores, Albert Heijn sees a high volume of cash on a daily basis. At the end of a busy day, it was a time-consuming process to count the money in the till manually and errors were sometimes made, meaning any discrepencies had to be investigated. They also had security concerns around counting cash on the shop floor and storing large amounts of cash in their till drawers. As a result, they decided to look for a smart-safe solution where they could deposit notes quickly and safely at the point of sale, eliminating the need for manual note-counting and keeping their staff more secure.

The Volumatic Solution

Albert Heijn contacted one of Volumatic's key distribution partners - Moneytronic - who supplied four Albert Heijn stores with the Volumatic CounterCache intelligent (CCi) solution and assisted with the efficient integration and aftersales service. Installed next to every point of sale in their stores, their staff can now quickly and easily insert notes into the device, while the unit securely stores the notes until the CCi is full. The Store Manager can easily remove the tamper-evident pouches from the CCi when full, where they are immediately ready for banking. Consequently, this means a reduced risk of theft as cash handling and moving is quicker, simpler and more secure.  

The Outcome

Albert Heijn Store Manager Lars van Gansen is very pleased with all the benefits the CCi solution offers and said: "We chose Moneytronic's CCi because we had heard from colleagues that it was an easy and secure system."

The CCi cash handling system is very easy to set up to suit everyone's needs and the link to the computer ensures that no counting errors are made and this also saves extra time when emptying the tills because the money has already been counted.

We use the system already in four of our stores because it is very easy to use, very secure and because it prevents mistakes during our checkout procedures. We find that there is always a very fast and correct service from Moneytronic. We would certainly recommend the system to colleagues. Our opinion is that it's a good investment that saves time and ensures correctness. And that's exactly what the CCi is meant for."


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"CCi is a super convenient and very secure system of cash handling. It is very user friendly and we have never had any problems with it."

Lars van Gansen, Store Manager, Albert Heijn

The key product in this Case Study was the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) all-in-one solution

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