Case Study:
Northfield Post Office

Owning multiple Post Office sites, Mr Lekhi was always looking for solutions to increase the efficiency and accuracy of every transaction.

Northfield Post Office found the perfect note counter and forgery detector through Volumatic...

Challenges faced by Northfield Post Office

After becoming unhappy with another supplier’s note counter, due to poor quality and a lack of service support, Mr Lekhi was looking for a new supplier to provide a quality friction note counter with excellent customer support. Of course, Volumatic was happy to help! Mr Lekhi was looking for a solution that would count notes very quickly and ensure notes were ready for banking. It was important for Mr Lekhi to have a note counter that he could use during customer-facing activities. This meant that speed, verification, and accuracy were all critical. As the National Federation of SubPostmasters (NFSP) had already built a relationship with another note counter supplier, and Mr Lekhi was unhappy with their service, it was important for Volumatic to showcase its superior quality products and robust support services.

The Volumatic Solution

After building an excellent relationship with Mr Lekhi, Volumatic suggested the FC50 note counter and forgery detector solution as a way to improve speed, service and accuracy. The FC50 offers counting speeds of up to 1,500 notes per minute, while also rejecting all known forgeries as per the Bank of England’s Framework Test. What’s more, the FC50 had the additional benefit of being able to count multiple currencies too. All of these benefits, plus Volumatic’s fast-acting customer support and favourable warranty terms, made the FC50 the ideal choice for Mr Lekhi and his Northfield and Walsall Post Office branches.

The Outcome

Mr Lekhi is happy with the FC50 and loves the robustness, reliability and simplicity of the Volumatic products. It is the personal level of support that he receives, which he believes sets Volumatic apart. While there was a rare and small challenge to overcome, Mr Lekhi has been happy that Volumatic has been able to quickly put a solution in place. The Post Office was able to take advantage of Volumatic’s next day box swap service that was included in the warranty terms.

With his close working relationship with Volumatic, Mr Lekhi also supports Volumatic with product testing to help with field-based feedback. He has been so impressed during the trial of a brand-new friction note counter at his Smethwick branch, that he plans to order these for his other Post Office sites when they are available to purchase.

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“The FC50 is an impressive and vital tool. However, it's the impressive levels of support and the fantastic customer service which really sets Volumatic apart from other suppliers.”

Mr Lekhi, Post Office Ltd

The key product in this Case Study was the FC50 note counter and forgery detector

FC50 Note Counter and Forgery Detector Overview Volumatic offer a comprehensive range of friction note counters from simple, low cost "piece counters" through to high specification,...

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