Case Study:
Marston's PLC

Founded in Burton upon Trent in 1834, Marston's is a British pub operator that has grown from a small family-run business to a PLC with 1,500 pubs and 12,000 employees.

Marston's turned to Volumatic to find a reliable cash handling solution to help out their auditing team...

Challenges faced by Marston's

Marston's auditors visit their pubs on a daily basis to carry out cash audits. Their auditors were bogged down with handwritten paperwork and required a device that could store and upload audit counts at the touch of a button.

The Volumatic Solution

Having used Volumatic cash handling products before, over 15 years ago, Gregory Price, Senior Profit Protection & Compliance Manager at Marston's got back in touch with the Sales team at Volumatic and asked for our help in providing them with a reliable and accurate solution. After taking the time to understand the issues Marston's were experiencing, Volumatic recommended our CountEasy TS (touch screen) 'Connect', a bespoke solution based on our CountEasy TS money counting machine.

The Outcome

The CountEasy TS 'Connect' solution allows Marston's auditors to perform spot check count during their daily visits to their pubs, and then store and upload the data by pub ID (for easy identification), to fulfil their reporting needs.

The team at Marstons are very happy with this this bespoke cash counting solution, in particular the ease of use, clear touch screen interface, and robust design of the Volumatic devices, and of course, the portability of the devices is also extremely helpful to their auditors.

Gregory commented: "We needed to find a solution to effectively count and store till/safe counts carried out by our field based audit team – Volumatic and Marston’s worked in collaboration and Volumatic provided the perfect solution. We would definitely recommend Volumatic to other businesses looking for accurate cash handling solutions."

In addition to the CountEasy TS solution, a number of Marston's pubs use the CountEasy cash counters for their daily cash processing.

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“Volumatic are always very helpful and happy to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.”

Gregory Price,
Marston's PLC

The key product in this Case Study was the CountEasy TS Money Counter

CountEasy TS Money Counter Overview The CountEasy TS, with its ground-breaking touch screen technology, delivers greater cash handling efficiencies than any other money counter by weight...

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