Case Study:
Welcome Break

Welcome Break is one of the UK's leading motorway service area operators, running 52 service areas and 31 hotels across the UK. Welcome Break amenity buildings, fuel forecourts, EV charging and hotels are open 24/7, 365 days a year and attract 85 million customers annually.

Needing a way to make their cash-handling more efficient and secure, Welcome Break turned to Volumatic for help - establishing a partnership that has lasted for 15 years and counting...

Challenges Faced by Welcome Break

Back in 2007, Welcome Break were struggling with inefficent manual cash counting processes that were keeping their team members from other vital tasks and preventing them from providing a better experience for their customers. In addition to this they were inundated with forged notes and needed more security for the high volumes of cash they were taking on a daily basis to help their team members feel safer and more secure. They started to research possible solutions to help with these issues and came across Volumatic.

The Volumatic Solution

After meeting with the Volumatic sales team and being impressed with the different cash handling solutions we could provide, Welcome Break first invested in our CountEasy money counting scales and our CounterCache Classic secure storage devices, which both exceeded their expectations. With their cash handling requirements being so varied across their entire estate, Welcome Break have also invested in many other Volumatic solutions over the following years, including the FC300 note counter and forgery detector, the BV30 forgery detector and our CountEasy TS (touch screen) money counting scales. These intelligent solutions have resulted in Welcome Break's team members being able to save time counting cash, which means more time can be spent improving the customer experience, as well as helping team members to feel more secure.

The Outcome

Welcome Break are delighted with the way in which Volumatic's cash handling solutions have helped their business. Jon Barrett, Finance Transformation Project Partner said: "The CounterCache in particular has helped our business by making our cash handling process more secure and streamlined."  He also gave praise to the CountEasy, adding: "The CountEasy is supplied with a standard 5-year warranty and is extremely reliable, robust and future-proofed for any new currency."

Welcome Break are also happy with the ongoing customer support received from Volumatic, stating: "Should any of our sites require assistance, they can contact the Volumatic Helpdesk team who are always there to help and are able to send a replacement if needed the next working day. Volumatic have been fantastic every time we have dealt with them."

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“Volumatic have been fantastic every time we have dealt with them. We have no hesitation in recommending Volumatic to other organisations.​”

Jon Barrett, Finance Transformation Project Partner

The key product in this Case Study was the CountEasy 2 Cash Counting Machine

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