Case Study:
The Kay Group


Operating 15 sites, and expanding, The Kay Group (UK) Ltd has won multiple awards for design, innovation and customer service with its fuel and convenience offer forecourts. The Kay Group’s ethos has always been that of high standards, with the focus being on the customer experience, along with the quality of their sites.  It was a fitting combination for them to seek out Volumatic to solve their cash handling issues.

The Challenge

By tradition, their existing process would involve sales staff skimming their tills multiple times a day, forcing downtime.  It consumed valuable time and prevented staff from giving their full attention to the customer.  Other issues were the possibility for human error and security risks associated with excess amounts of cash being left in the tills.

The Solution

After identifying that Volumatic could offer a solution to streamline their current cash handling processes, a two-month trial was agreed and the first installation of Volumatic’s CCi was introduced to one of their main sites.  Key teams from both companies worked closely to implement CCi.

The Outcome

The ROI was proven with the additional time enabling the management team being able redeploy time in other areas of the business.  Especially, in terms of customer service.  The benefits were clear.  With The Kay Group growing from strength to strength, the CCi solution has now become an integral part of each new site's set up moving forward.

“CCi enables us to save site management up to 2 hours per day that can be reallocated to other areas of the business.  We can clearly see benefits in time saving"

Statement from Richard Cox, Managing Director

The key product in this Case Study was the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) One-Touch Cash Handling Machine

CounterCache intelligent (CCi) Overview Some retailers touch their cash as many as 14 times in their cash process. With the Volumatic CounterCache intelligent (CCi) you touch it just once. Cash...

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