Case Study:


Nisa is an award winning group which helps retailers within the retail market by distributing quality and competitive food at scale. It has over 1300 members, operating almost 3500 retail stores.  Their main aim is to support communities around the UK, by helping independent retailers. 

The Challenge

One of Nisa's independents in Derby were looking at ways to save them time around their current cash management challenges. Like many of the Nisa members, they historically processed cash in SEVEN stages; 1) Cash is handed to the customer, 2) Cashiers will skim £200 into an envelope everytime they reached a certain float level, 3) Supervisors would then collect the envelope to place in to a safe, 4) Managers open the envelope to check the contents are correct, 5) Takings would then be sorted into denominations and deposit paperwork prepared ready to bank, 6) Staff members would then go to the bank to make the deposit and 7) Staff would wait at the bank whilst the money was recounted. All of which was taking valuable time.

The Solution

In a bid to find an answer to the challenges that they were faced with, they decided to visit the National Convenience Show to seek out a solution that could potentially save them time and money. It was here that they were introduced to Volumatic's CCi solution and the benefits that it could offer.  Not only could they see that it would save them time and allow them to be free to offer their customers a better service, it would also eliminate all known forgeries, whilst providing a  secure storage at the point of sale. 

The Outcome

Volumatic were able to demonstrate that the CCi would be the perfect fit for their business. It was agreed that CCi would be implemented into one of their stores for trial.  Within a short time, they were able to take their seven steps down to just two; saving significant management time. The time saving benefits delivered an ROI in 12 - 18 months in a typical Nisa store. After such success at one location, news quickly spread and other Nisa members have since requested to have the CCi installed at their locations. Their motto is "How can we do business, simpler, faster and cheaper then the competitiion" and they found that the CCi delivers on all those 3 points.

"Installation of the Volumatic CCi has helped he store reduce the cash handling process from seven steps to just two"

Sukh Gill, Nisa Member

The key product in this Case Study was the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) One-Touch Cash Handling Machine

CounterCache intelligent (CCi) Overview Some retailers touch their cash as many as 14 times in their cash process. With the Volumatic CounterCache intelligent (CCi) you touch it just once. Cash...

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