Stolen Knowledge 5

Stolen Knowledge 5 – Loss prevention beyond the LP Department…


Loss prevention has changed. Twenty years ago, LP departments often consisted of former police officers trying to catch thieves. But that was then. Now, the challenge has evolved significantly as retailers adopt new methods of selling and accepting payment for their goods and services. For along with omni-channel retailing comes omni-channel fraud, making LP one of the most dynamic business operations.

This latest edition of Stolen Knowledge references research, case studies and thought leading opinion from those historically considered to operate outside of the loss prevention space, but now playing a vital part in the fight against crime. These days accounting, logistics, operations and IT departments are expected to work together with the LP department to fight fraud and protect the bottom lines of their businesses.

Due to be released in the third quarter of 2013, Stolen Knowledge 5 – Loss prevention beyond the LP department examines some of the issues facing the cross departmental approach to retail fraud and loss prevention in its continuing effort to stimulate debate and share best practice for the common good.

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