Connectivity for Cash Counting


The CountEasy range provides a range of connectivity options enabling you to transfer count data to a host computer at the press of a button. This will save significant time and reduce errors by automatically populating a spreadsheet or back office application.

The CountEasy and CountEasy 2 directly transfers count data using the CountEasy Connect Cable and Application.

CountEasy TS comes with an Integrated Smart Wedge which allows count data transfer to a host with no additional cost or software. In addition, the optional CountEasy TS Connect Application provides fully flexible integration options for the end user.

Feature CountEasy Connect CountEasy TS Connect ISW
Can directly fill out a spreadsheet      
Can write to Notepad      
Can write to cash management system  
via host software
Output Modes: Amount, Count, Total, Printer      
Configurable Data Separators (getting from field to field)
via PC
via TS settings tool
Creates timestamped file on Host for audit or interface purposes


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