Case Study:
Subway Cloppenburg


The popular build-your-own sandwich chain, Subway, has over 41,600 franchises worldwide, with each store generating average annual sales of around $417,000. Their fast-paced service with high footfall means each store must be equipped to handle large volumes of cash at a rapid pace. At Volumatic, we have supported a number of Subway franchises across the UK and beyond in a bid to make their cash-handling quicker, easier, safer and more cost-effective.

The Challenge

The Burchardi family run their Subway franchise in Cloppenburg, Germany. With a busy, central location, their business sees a high volume of cash. At the end of a busy day, it is a time-consuming process to count the money in the till manually. Especially as the manual process saw lots of errors and differences. For the staff, many of which are temporary, and the business owners, the pressure and stress of cash counting was frustrating, especially with the number of recounts required. As a result, the Burchardi family were looking for a smart-safe solution where they could deposit notes quickly and safely at the point of sale, eliminating the need for manual note-counting at the end of each shift.

The Solution

Volumatic supplied the Subway Cloppenburg business with a CounterCache intelligent (CCi) solution, installed next to the point of sale. With this device, staff can quickly and easily insert notes while the unit securely stores the notes until the CCi is full. Then, the business owner can easily remove the tamper-evident pouches from the CCi, where they are immediately ready for banking. Consequently, this means a reduced risk of theft as cash handling and moving is quicker, simpler and more secure.  

The Outcome

The business quickly saw a considerable benefit from the CCi, reducing cash counting from a 30-minute job to a process that takes less than five minutes. Furthermore, the staff felt safer and more comfortable as their cash handling is considerably reduced. The team reported lower stress as the risk of theft minimised as well, thanks to the secure device. A further environmental benefit was noticed as the store no longer required 300 paper bags a month to store the cash. With this, the Burchardi family sees their CCi as another small contribution to improving the environment.

“The CCi has enabled us to optimise our processes effectively, in particular by being able to deposit notes during the course of business. We have made a solid decision for our day-to-day business.”

Olaf Burchardi, Subway Franchisee

The key product in this Case Study was the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) One-Touch Cash Handling Machine

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