The Europa: Euro Second Series

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the National Central Banks (NCB) of the Eurosystem are the authorities behind the integrity of the Euro. Together they have developed a second set of banknotes: The Europa Series. Europa is a figure from Greek Mythology and it is the origin of the name for the continent of Europe. Furthermore Europa is portrayed on all the new notes in the hologram and the watermark. With greater security features, the Europa series will enable a more secure Euro and help to maintain public confidence in the currency.

Much research and development has gone into the production of the new banknote series. The currency will benefit from advances in technology that have never been seen before in the cash-handling world, offering better protection from counterfeiting, and making the public more confident in the circulation of authentic notes. The Eurosystem has stated that the Europa series will be ‘self-defending’, meaning that it will make life difficult for forgers to enter counterfeit notes into the market place. Not only has there been a focus on keeping ahead of counterfeiters, the Europa series will be more durable as the notes will have a protective coating, which will reduce the environmental footprint of the currency. This is an important factor as there is a lot of wear and tear on the currency due to its vast circulation!

The Eurosystem has integrated the notes gradually. The €5 launched on 2nd May 2013 and the €10 on 23rd September 2014, while the €20 is to be launched on the 25th November 2015, with other denominations to follow. This has permitted the fine tuning of potential issues with the public recognising the new editions of the Europa. Furthermore the Eurosystem has taken measures to support the adjustment of cash handling machines.

Volumatic has been issued with the banknotes well before the launch dates, so that all of the company’s cash handling products can be Europa ready well in advance of the launch. Furthermore, Volumatic has attended numerous seminars and meetings in the run up to the launch of each note to ensure all necessary information is received. This has enabled Volumatic the capability to provide operators with sufficient time and assistance to update all of their products, such as the CCi and the CountEasy TS, for the Europa series.

The Euro is the primary currency in 19 countries, meaning 338 million people will need to be able to trust the banknotes. If you handle large quantities of money, there are many tips to assist you if there is uncertainty about a note. The simple method of FEEL, LOOK and TILT used to check the first Euro series still applies to the Europa notes. Alternatively, if in doubt you can always take it to your nearest bank for verification, and there are many viable products in the marketplace to avoid such uncertainty.

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