Customer telephone support: 1-877-662-5872


Volumatic is proud of the excellent track record of its products, providing long and valuable service in even the most demanding cash handling environments.
However, inevitably from time to time problems can occur. In such situations our goal is to remedy the problem as quickly as possible, minimizing the impact of any issues on our customers’ businesses.

To achieve this we have evolved a three stage process, to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Stage One – Customer Help Desk

Having experienced an issue, customers call our customer Help Desk.

Our Help Desk team is highly trained and very experienced at providing fast, remote assistance. As a result over 80% of issues are resolved immediately.

Stage Two – Industry Leading Box Swap

If a problem cannot quickly be resolved by our Help Desk, then we implement our industry leading Box Swap Service.

A replacement machine or module is pre-configured as appropriate and dispatched to the appropriate store to be exchanged for the faulty unit. It is as simple as that. The faulty unit is collected using a returns label.

Stage Three – Engineer Site Visit

In very few instances where the problem still remains unresolved, then we arrange for a site engineer to visit and fix the problem. We provide nationwide coverage with our engineering partners to provide a fast, efficient service.

By offering superior customer support, through our Help Desk, Box Swap Service and nationwide engineering team, we can make sure that customers get the very best out of our cash handling solutions.

Our support service is designed to be quick in response , flexible in operation and efficient to provide a resolution of any difficulty with the very minimum of inconvenience to our customers.

Helpdesk Contact Details

To speak to a customer support representative, please call 1-877-662-5872 and we will be happy to deal with your query immediately.

Volumatic’s Standard Warranty

We provide free, unlimited helpdesk support for the entire period of the warranty.

If we cannot satisfactorily resolve your problem quickly from our remote help desk, then we will provide a “Box Swap”.

Box Swap is a next day replacement service. Our courier delivers a replacement product from Volumatic support stock to you and picks up the faulty one free of charge – no packing, no posting and no hassle.

Please note that our warranties do not cover accidental or willful damage to products.