Volumatic FC 35

  • Less handling More time
  • Less mistakes More profit
  • Less cost More efficiency

  • Less handling – Counts note significantly faster than by other methods
  • Less mistakes – More accurate then manual counting

The Volumatic FC 35 is a friction note counter you can depend on, Volumatic have supplied this tried and test unit to many banks and organisation wanting to count high volumes of bank notes.

The Volumatic FC 35 is a cost effective, entry level friction note counter, which offers the perfect solution for fast and accurate counting of large volumes of bank notes. This unit is capable of counting up to 1,500 bank notes per minute and has adjustable note counting speed settings to increase efficiencies. This simple to use unit, offers robust functionality with an error detection system which identifies problem notes quickly and easily.

The Volumatic FC 35 has a user friendly large LCD screen, which clearly displays accurate count data. The Volumatic FC 35 is future proof and can handle Polymer Notes. The Volumatic FC 35 is supported by Volumatic’s industry-leading customer support service which includes unlimited help desk access and our speedy and efficient box swap package.

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