CounterCache Classic


  • LESS  shrink – Cash is less visible, reducing the temptation for till snatches or internal shrink
  • LESS skims – Cash is stored securely below till height in a rugged unit
  • LESS downtime – By streamlining the cash handling process there are less interruptions to trading at each till point
  • LESS risk – Time tested design prevents “fishing” for loose notes. Tamper evident technology combined with dual key operation reduce the opportunities for shrink
With over 1,000,000 units installed worldwide, our CounterCache units protect well over £2 Billion in global retail cash every single day. It’s time tested design stores notes securely whilst at the same time making for simple operation and excellent note presentation.
The rugged, metal deposit box is locked to a steel mounting at the POS, ready to receive notes. Cash is stored in aninternal cassette inside the deposit box. The internal cassette can be sealed with a tamper evident seal. It can only be removed with a key and taken to the cash office for emptying.

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