Cash Collection Trolley


  • LESS risk – Staff are less likely to be targeted for attack
  • LESS handling – Fewer small cash movements saves time and increases security
  • LESS temptation – Cash is moved discretely and out of sight in a secure unit
  • LESS shrink – Cash and valuables are better protected against theft
Suitable for items such as Till Drawers, Bagged Coin, Cloth Bags, expensive stock etc to be locked in the main cabinet of the trolley.  The trolley also features a clipboard clip attached to the top of the unit.
Trolleys are of rugged, welded steel construction providing a secure unit for the collection and transportation of cash and valuables to the cash office. Good ergonomics make it easy for operators to safely manoeuvre and control potentially heavy loads.
Innovative design allows cash and valuables to be deposited simply and quickly, but prevents unauthorised removal; cutting internal and external shrink.


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