Volumatic offers the perfect solution to ease the burden of staff shortages in 2022

18 January 2022

Just as we were all starting to see a glimmer of hope for recovery following months of lockdown caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic, and the emergence of a new and more easily transmissible variant of the virus, Omicron, is now threatening to disrupt businesses once again.

Many workplaces have already suffered a huge increase in staff absences, with some losing around 15% of their staff over the festive period with some smaller stores even forced to temporarily close as a result, and now the Government is warning that this figure could rise to as much as 25%.

Although it’s hoped staff shortages won’t continue beyond a few months, the reality is that new COVID variants could continue to emerge and cause long-term employee absence issues, meaning that all businesses that handle cash - such as retailers where staff are unable to work from home - now need to find an answer to disruptions to their workforce - and they need to act fast.

The Volumatic Solution

One of the most labour-intensive jobs in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors is, of course, cash handling – from setting up till floats to counting cash, safe movement of cash and end-of-day processing, plus checking for forgeries and keeping cash secure, it’s a never-ending job.

But with the Volumatic CounterCache intelligent (CCi), you have a solution to all your cash-handling issues in one smart device, meaning that even with fewer members of your workforce around, your daily routines won’t grind to a halt.

The CCi offers 100% accurate cash counting, note validation, data capture and secure storage all at the POS, allowing your cash processing to be faster, less expensive and more secure. Sitting neatly at the till point, once a banknote is deposited into the CCi, it doesn’t need to be touched again until it reaches your bank.

Satisfied customer Nisa have very much seen the benefits of installing CCi in their stores, with Nisa member Sukh Gill commenting: "Installation of the Volumatic CCi has helped the store by reducing our cash handling process from seven steps to just two."  Which means if you are struggling with staff shortages, it could be the solution you're looking for.

The CCi can run as a stand-alone deposit device with transaction reporting at either store or enterprise level. Or you can choose for the CCi to be fully integrated into your existing EPOS system – both of which give you accurate daily reporting.

Volumatic also offer a whole host of other intelligent cash handling solutions, including our range of CountEasy money counting scales, CounterCache secure storage devices, cash trolleys, friction note counters and forgery detectors – all of which can help your business be more efficient and save money during times of staff shortages and beyond.

These solutions will last for years and allow you time to focus on other key tasks, taking cash processing time down to mere minutes rather than hours and meaning staff shortages needn't be an issue for your business, however long the pandemic rolls on.


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