Volumatic launch their unique Secure Cash Trolley

13 January 2023

Always keen to lead the way with innovative devices, cash handling experts Volumatic are introducing a brand-new addition to their range to help businesses keep their cash and their staff even safer while being moved around the shop floor – the Secure Cash Trolley.

This exciting new cash trolley was developed by the Volumatic team following a special request for something sturdier and even more secure from one of our leading customers, Tesco, and the Volumatic technical team worked closely with the Tesco team to produce a new design that has the same robust, steel construction you’d expect from our cash trollies, but with lots of clever new features for safe transportation for your cash from point of collection to your cash office.

The Secure Cash Trolley’s intelligent design allows cash or other valuables to be deposited through the top-loading door simply and quickly, but with no access to the cash via the top-loading door once placed inside, it prevents any unauthorised removal. Cash can only be accessed from the trolley’s large capacity interior cash compartment via the securely locked side door, which helps your business with both internal and external shrinkage.

The trolley’s ergonomic design makes it easy for operators to safely manoeuvre and control even when fully loaded with cash. It also boasts side skirts, making the trolley difficult to lift, carry, tip or drag by would-be thieves, plus unique speed-locking wheels, which engage when the trolley is pushed above normal walking speed. Both of these features significantly hinder the theft of the cash trolley should a would-be thief try to grab and run off with it, and therefore reduce the risk of attacks on staff.

A new era of cash trolley

Exciting features of the new Secure Cash Trolley include:

  • Unique speed-locking wheels - engage when the trolley is moved above walking speed to impede attempted theft
  • Steel side skirts – which make the trolley difficult to lift and carry or tip and drag, and impede attempted theft
  • Top loading door - for very quick, simple and secure deposit of cash
  • No access to the cash via the top-loading door once placed inside – preventing unauthorised removal of cash
  • Secure locked secondary compartment - to hold cash as it is deposited, only accessible from the locked side door
  • High-security hardened steel Camlock Series 65 - using a 64-point locking mechanism on the side door
  • Ergonomic design - for ease of use
  • Robust steel construction - for durability
  • Rubber wheels - to help you manoeuvre easily, even when heavy with cash

Volumatic Technical Director Neil Shute, who heads up the team that developed the new Secure Cash Trolley commented: “We’re delighted to be launching our new Secure Cash Trolley after spending many months developing all the new features. Tesco gave us a real challenge in building them a new trolley and were hard taskmasters, but their input was vital in making this product a true market leader and we are proud to have risen to the challenge once again.”

Kevin Mayne, Technology Programme Manager at Tesco said: “The kind of cash trolley we needed was not available on the market, and as Volumatic currently supply us with their secure CCi solution to help process our cash takings, we knew we could rely on them to build a cash trolley to the exact specifications that we needed. In particular, the speed-locking wheels feature is a revolution in current cash trolley security and really is a game-changer for the industry.”

Sales & Marketing Director Mike Severs added: “The Secure Cash Trolley is our second new product launch in recent months, following our upgraded CountEasy 2 money scales and shows the commitment and versatility in Volumatic products. We’re proud to be rolling out this trolley to Tesco stores in the coming weeks and we’re sure it will benefit many more retailers in the future to help them make their cash handling more secure and keep their staff safer on a daily basis.”

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