Two employees celebrate 25 years' of service with Volumatic

29 September 2022

Two of Volumatic’s valued employees are celebrating their own personal milestone during Volumatic’s 50th Anniversary year – both clocking up an impressive 25 years’ service with the cash handling experts.

Juliette Summerfield, Operations Director, and Mandy House, Customer Service Representative both started working for Volumatic back in 1997, and in the last 25 years they have both scored a major life goal at the company - with Juliette being invited onto the Board of Directors and Mandy finding her life partner in Warehouse Manager Richard.

Their long service was recently rewarded during Volumatic’s 50th Anniversary party for employees, which saw both Mandy and Juliette presented with a personalised crystal vase and a huge bouquet of flowers as a thank you for their years of hard work and commitment, presented by Volumatic MD James Harris.

Juliette has done a variety of roles over her years at Volumatic, starting out in Finance and now heading up the Operations team, and though she has enjoyed all her roles at Volumatic she feels she gets the most satisfaction from her current role as she’s in charge of getting orders out the door and satisfying customer needs and she still gets a kick of seeing our cash handling solutions used in stores in real life.

Juliette said: “With Volumatic, no two days are the same, and there has been quite a bit of change in the company over the 25 years so it’s kept my interest. I’ve not at any point felt bored or felt it’s the same old thing, there’s always something new to do, and having had so many roles I know a lot about the different aspects of the business so I can always help out in lots of areas. That’s also the great thing about working for a small company – you have to muck in and help and wear a number of hats.”

She added: “It feels like a family-type business at Volumatic, everybody looks out for each other, and everybody wants to do their best for Volumatic and help everybody and that’s stayed pretty constant over the years and that’s a great environment to work in throughout my 25 years.”

Mandy has also worked in some different roles during her time at Volumatic, starting out as an Invoicing Clerk, then progressing to her current Customer Service role, and she also gets a lot of satisfaction from her current position.

Mandy said: “I care about our customers, I deal with them the way I would want to be dealt with, making sure their needs are met, dealing with any problems and resolving them and hopefully exceeding their expectations.”

People have changed during my time at Volumatic, products have changed, the business has grown, and we have lots of new customers. I met my partner at Volumatic. We started talking and we’ve been together ever since – about 15 years. We have a child together and he’s seen me through a lot, and Volumatic has seen me through a lot – they’ve looked after me over the years, it’s like a family, so I want to give that back and that’s why I’ve been here for 25 years!

She added: “Funnily enough it was Juliette who offered me the job at Volumatic, so I’d like to thank her for taking a chance on me and to thank Volumatic for making me the person I am today.”

Volumatic’s MD, James Harris said: "25 years is a remarkable achievement and we’re very proud to have both Mandy and Juliette as part of the Volumatic team. It’s a very special year for us, with it being our 50th Anniversary year, and it felt only right to raise a glass to Mandy and Juliette’s time here with a special presentation during our celebrations. We’re very fortunate to have a lot of long-serving employees at Volumatic and it is important they both know how valued they are to us.”

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