Consumers Demand Payment Choice

18 August 2021

As a leading cash handling supplier, we have released a new white paper, entitled 'Consumers Demand Payment Choice', which shares the research that proves consumer demand for cash acceptance remains high. After misinformation spread during the pandemic, many retailers have been reluctant to accept cash payments, with 26% of consumers having their cash payment refused in the last year.

However, our white paper shares just how important offering payment choice is to build a sustainable payment future.

Over the last year, Volumatic has been keeping a close eye on the changing nature of payment in the retail sector. Working closely with leading retail clients such as Coop Food, we have had access to real-time payment data across the retail landscape. By collaborating with leading industry figures such as the Bank of England, we have now produced an in-depth report on how Covid has impacted cash and what this means for the future of retail payment.

“As thought leaders in the cash handling community, we felt we had a duty to help our customers make sense of and deal with the extraordinary circumstances around COVID-19. This led to Volumatic hosting a “Cash after COVID” Webinar in October 2020 where we brought together industry experts and globally recognised retail brands to share informed perspectives and discuss the future."

"It has now been 9 months since the Webinar and we are delighted to be publishing this white paper which draws on the findings from the webinar, supported by the very latest statistics and information on this topic.​” – James Harris, Managing Director of Volumatic.

To find out more about the effect that Covid has had on payment and to understand the future payment landscape, you can download the free white paper at:

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