A Cash Handling Solution Buyer's Guide: What Are The Top Features To Look For?

At Volumatic, we are the experts in cash handling solutions. We aim to make cash as efficient, profitable and effective as possible for all businesses and retailers across a range of industries. However, we know that no two businesses are the same and have very different requirements when it comes to selecting the most useful business tools, such as cash handling solutions. As a result, we provide a wide range of cash handling solutions, designed to suit a variety of needs.

To help you find the right one for your need, read on for our buyer's guide.

Preventing Forgeries

If forgeries are a major concern for your business, then we offer a range of forgery detectors that can help to eliminate the chance of fake notes entering your business circulation. For retailers who have suffered from shrinkage due to accepting fake notes, a counterfeit detector is essential.

At Volumatic, we have a variety of forgery detectors that pass the Bank of England's Framework test to reject all known forgeries in circulation. These are ideal for supporting the Local Recycling Code of Conduct, which means these solutions are perfect for retailers with self-checkouts and self-fill ATMs as well as retailers who want to clamp down on fraudulent notes.

Best Solutions For Preventing Forgeries


This future-proof forgery detection device offers innovative software that can be easily updated via a USB cable to ensure it is always up to date and ready to detect the latest in forgery advancements. What's more, the BV30 can verify up to six different currencies at one time and features five different advanced counterfeit detection technologies.

This solution is ideal for almost any business that accepts cash as a payment form and wants to reduce the risk of forgeries and shrinkage in the business.


This two-pocket friction note counter is ideal for a range of cash handling activities such as preventing acceptance of forged notes. What's more, this advanced solution can value count and sort up to 1500 notes per minute which makes it ideal for processing large amounts of cash. The FC200 is also a perfect option for those who operate self-fill ATM. This is due to the speed and volume of notes that the machine can process.

While the FC200 is often used in organisations such as banks and building societies, casinos and post offices, the solution is ideal for any business that handles a large volume of cash that needs to be quickly and accurately counted.

Storing Cash

Keeping your employees and customers safe is at the utmost importance for businesses. As a result, keeping tills safe and reducing the risk of till snatches are essential for employee peace of mind. Furthermore, for companies that have seasonal or high staff turnover, it is vital to reduce the risk of internal shrink and eliminate any chance of opportunistic theft.

One way to help protect cash is through a cash storage solution. We have devices that help to store cash safely at the till point, meaning that cash handlers only have to touch notes once. This not only helps to ensure security at the till point but can also minimise contact with cash for safety and hygiene reasons too.

Best Solutions For Storing Cash

CounterCache Classic

At Volumatic, we have installed over 1 million CounterCache units worldwide, helping to protect over $2 billion every single day. The CounterCache Classic securely stores over 600 notes in a tamper-evident cassette offered with dual key access for safety. These devices help to reduce the visibility of cash to minimise the risk of till snatches. The units not only help staff to feel safe, but it also helps to streamline the cash process too.

Furthermore, the CounterCache Classic stores the notes in pristine condition, which is ideal for note recycling, especially if needed in ATMs.

The CounterCache Classic is incredibly popular among high street retailers but will suit all businesses that fill their tills on a daily basis.

CounterCache intelligent

This award-winning device offers a one-touch cash handling solution that means that employees only have to touch notes once, and these notes are not touched again until they arrive at the bank or cash centre. Cash processing is exceptionally streamlined, allowing employees to focus on customer service. At the same time, the CounterCache intelligent will validate, count, stack and secure the notes making cash reconciliation incredibly easy.

Furthermore, the CounterCache intelligent can check for note forgeries, integrate with your EPOS system, so every transaction is logged and maintain quality note presentation, ideal for ATMs.

The CounterCache intelligent is a popular cash handling solution for its all-round capabilities and is perfect for any organisation that is looking for an end-to-end cash handling solution.

Counting Cash

For retailers that have to process notes and coins in their daily activities, cash counters are vital and can help to eliminate the physical cash handling and counting process completely. This can help to reduce the risk of error while also speeding up the process. From helping with the auditing system to improving accuracy and speeding up the activity to improve customer service, cash counting solutions can be game-changing.

At Volumatic, we offer a vast range of cash counters to suit a whole host of industries, retailers and businesses.

Best Solutions For Counting Cash

CountEasy TS

Using touchscreen technology, the CountEasy TS is incredibly user-friendly and requires virtually no training to use. It offers incredibly accurate results as a count by weight scale and is six times faster than counting cash by hand and can store count data from up to 200 tills – ideal for large-scale retail operations.

The CountEasy TS is ideal for activities such as spot checks, end of day banking, shift changes, cash lifts and reconciliations. What's more, the ability to count multiple different currencies makes it incredibly versatile too.

The CountEasy TS is perfect for retailers but is a popular product among all businesses that are looking for incredibly accurate count by weight results.


The FC50 is a friction value note counter built with an incredibly high specification to deliver a fast, effective and accurate note counting service. The FC50 can identify forgeries while also counting up to 1500 notes per minute, ideal for high-speed cash handling situations. The screen on the FC50 unit clearly displays the count data, including a breakdown for value and denominations. This makes it incredibly easy to use, allowing your staff more time to focus on their other activities.

The FC50 complies to the Bank of England Framework test which means it rejects all known forgeries while also conforms to the Local Recycling Code of Conduct which is ideal for businesses that reuse and recycle notes throughout the organisation, such as with self-fill ATMs.  

This product is incredibly versatile and suits all manner of industries, but is often chosen as the best solution by organisations that deal with a large number of notes, that cannot be handled using a count by weight scale.

How To Find The Right Cash Handling Solution For You

At Volumatic, we know that you may have a variety of cash handling needs and are looking for a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why many of our products will conduct a range of cash processing activities from counting notes, checking for forgeries, offering safe storage and making reconciliation activities easier and error-free.

If you're searching for the right solution, then get in touch with our teams who will listen carefully to your requirements to find the right cash handling solutions for your needs and that ticks all the boxes for all of your bespoke requirements. Email info@volumatic.com to find out more and book your free consultation.

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