Case Study:
Valli Forecourts

As one of the fastest growing forecourt companies in the UK, Valli Forecourts has 16 operational sites across North Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Valli Forecourts were experiencing a number of cash handling issues - and Volumatic were happy to provide an award winning solution...

Challenges Faced by Valli Forecourts

In a constant bid to improve the customer experience in their forecourts, Waqas Aslam, the area manager responsible for the sites, began researching how cash handling could be improved to benefit both the team members and customers. Valli Forecourts were experiencing issues with counterfeit notes and an inability to accept certain currencies (e.g. Scottish and Irish notes), leading to a drop in revenue and missed sales opportunities. Furthermore, inefficient processes, numerous safe drops and the reconciliation of tills taking up significant time, Valli Forecourts required a quicker, more reliable and more convenient solution. They wanted a cash-handling solution that would not only benefit internal processes but also ensure forecourt staff could provide customers with the time and attention required for exemplary customer service.

The Volumatic Solution

After researching, Valli Forecourts came across Volumatic. They read our numerous success stories about our impressive track record. For example, Volumatic had previously supplied their CounterCache intelligent (CCi) solution to a number of petrol filling stations with a convenience offering. including Morrisons PFS, The Kay Group, ASDA, M&L Richardson, NJB Services and many more independent petrol retailers.

After spending time understanding the goals and specific requirements of Valli Forecourts, Volumatic offered them the CCi solution as it is the most efficient, cost-effective, and simple to use device that met all their


needs. This was combined with our CashView Enterprise software which provides complete visibility of all of the CCis from one central location, reducing three steps of reconciliation to just one.

The Outcome

Following a successful trial, Waqas Aslam decided to roll out the solution across every single site operated by Valli Forecourts. Volumatic were there to ensure implementation went smoothly at every step of the way, providing all of the necessary training to maximise the benefits of the solution. Staff at Valli Forecourts reported that the CCi is user-friendly and requires minimal effort to operate. Furthermore, the CashView Enterprise software now allows management to oversee the activity, in real time, of each CCi unit at any location. This provides access to convenient, scheduled reporting with accurate information that further streamlines their cash handling process. With further expansion of sites in the pipeline; Waqas has made it clear that the CCi will be an integral part of making all future sites a success.

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“CCi has taken our
cash handling process from three steps to one and reconciliation from one hour to 20 minutes. We are moving into a new era in the way in which we handle our cash!”

Waqas Aslam, Area Manager


The key product in this Case Study was the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) Cash Stacker, Counter & Validator

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