Case Study:
Rightway Wholesale

Founded in 1993, Rightway Wholesale is a family-run Asian cuisine cash and carry business based in Glasgow.

Rightway Wholesale were concerned about their cash handling until Volumatic offered two solutions that would change their processes for the better...

Challenges Faced by Rightway Wholesale

In its prime location, close to the M74, and the growing footfall to the store, Rightway Wholesale planned to expand with a café, restaurant and meeting rooms. As their business expanded, cash remained a serious concern and an integral part of the supply chain for Rightway Wholesale, its suppliers and customers. Sadly, counterfeit notes are always a concern for a business such as this. Consequently, with the expansion going ahead, business partners Affy Ahmad and Javid Ashraf were looking for a way to combat fake notes while improving customer service through faster, more efficient interactions.

The Volumatic Solution

With three tills in operation across the store and more planned, it was time to find a cash handling solution that could improve customer service throughout and combat counterfeit notes. Let down by unreliable cash counters in the past, Affy and Javid were introduced to Volumatic by Unitas. Volumatic then completed a survey of requirements and recommended their FC300 note counter and forgery detector device.

The FC300 was the ideal solution thanks to its high-performance counterfeit detection and the fact it can count up to 1,500 note per minute. As well as the FC300, a CountEasy currency scale was also recommended, which could accurately count the entire contents of a till in less than one minute, for quick, accurate end-of-day reconciliation.

The Outcome

Affy and Javid soon realised the enormous benefits of the FC300 and CountEasy, both of which required minimal training and just a short set up time. As well as helping to reduce counterfeits, Rightway Wholesale is benefiting from ‘mind-blowing’ cash counting results. The team are amazed at the ease, speed and accuracy of their Volumatic machines while Affy claims that it now takes just 10% of the time that was usually dedicated to cash handling. Banking errors have also reduced too.

Furthermore, the team were surprised at how quickly and easily the £20 polymer upgrade was to complete for the machines – helping to minimise downtime and ensure minimal disruption to the business.

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“CountEasy has saved 20 minutes per till per day, and now I simply can’t live without it! The communication was fantastic, and it’s a great aftersales service.”

Affy Ahmad, Director

The key product in this Case Study was the FC300 Bank Note Checker and Counter

100% Accurate, Fast Bank Note Checker & Counter The FC300 is our brand new compact, high-performance two-pocket friction Bank Note Checker & Counter Machine. The second pocket...

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