Case Study:
Omar Retail

Omar Retail is a multi-site Nisa Convenience Store operator based in Scotland with almost 20 stores and big plans for expansion.

Omar Retail have worked with Volumatic for nearly ten years, and always look to us for new and reliable solutions...

Challenges Faced by Omar Retail

While Omar Retail has been using CounterCache intelligent (CCi) machines from Volumatic since 2013, the business is always looking for new technology that can improve the efficiency and profitability of the organisation.With many busy shops, Omar Retail required effective technology that could help to provide the extra security and time-saving needed to improve customer service and reduce issues such as cash discrepancies and counterfeit notes. With the business continually looking to improve, Omar Retail were looking for safer methods of cash handling as well as ways to improve their Post Office deposits.

The Volumatic Solution

Volumatic continues to supply CCi machines to the new stores that Omar Retail acquires. The CounterCache intelligent not only helps to reduce cash handling, with a till operator just having to touch the note once, but it also gives total control and visibility for all cash transactions which can help to improve operational and accounting efficiencies. Furthermore, the CCi can reduce cash processing costs by as much as 75%.

As Volumatic work closely with Omar Retail, the team are always there to support the business with its expansion requirements and can offer a number of different solutions from the Volumatic product range. This is to ensure there is the perfect solution for every store and service they have.



The Outcome

Omar Retail continues to take advantage of the substantial time-saving benefits that the CCi provides. From allowing till operators to spend more time with their customers to reducing end of day reconciliations and till counts. A significant benefit for all of the stores is that there are never any till discrepancies due to the accuracy of the CCi.

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“Introducing CCi
was a 
Not only is it a massive timesaver, but there are never any discrepancies. The Volumatic support has also been excellent.”

Kashif Ahmed, Head of Operations

The key product in this Case Study was the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) Cash Stacker, Counter & Validator

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