Case Study:
Jempsons Supermarkets

Jempson's is a family-owned chain of supermarkets, bakeries and cafes based in South East England.

Volumatic worked with Jempson's to help them find a solution to help speed up their end-of-day reconciliation process...


Challenges Faced by Jempsons

Jempson's Supermarkets were looking to speed up the job of reconciling their cash takings from their EPOS system at store level across their 15 sites, but had no specific knowledge of the kind of cash handling solutions that could potentially help them.

The Volumatic Solution

After receiving a call from the Volumatic sales team, they realised that Volumatic could be the answer to their problem, and arranged a demo of our advanced touchscreen money counting scales, the CounEasy TS. Impressed with what they saw during the demo, they signed up for a trial of the CountEasy TS in their flagship store in Peasmarsh to see what results this solution would deliver.

The trial was a huge success and Jempson's then decided to rollout the CountEasy TS to all of their other establishements.


The Outcome

Jempson's were delighted with both the speed and the accuracy of the CountEasy TS, which allowed them to speed up their reconciliation process, which brought about signigicant time savings. The time saved on daily cashing up means that their staff's time can be used more effectively for other key tasks and on customer service.

Andrew Maylam, Financial Controller at Jempson's said:Since using the Volumatic CountEasy TS we have saved time with our cashing up process, allowing our senior staff to concentrate on running our stores.” He added: "We've had great service at all times from Volumatic and we would be more than happy to recommend Volumatic to other businesses like ours."


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"Since using the CountEasy TS we have saved time with our cashing up process, allowing our senior staff to concentrate on running our stores."

Andrew Maylam, Financial Controller, Jempson's Supermarkets

The key product in this Case Study was the CountEasy TS Money Counter

CountEasy TS Money Counter Overview The CountEasy TS, with its ground-breaking touch screen technology, delivers greater cash handling efficiencies than any other money counter by weight...

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