Case Study:

Interconnective has been a leading supplier of frontline security equipment to the UK security market since 1999.

Interconnective approached Volumatic to help fulfill the needs of a client, and were impressed that we went the extra mile for them...

Challenges Faced by Interconnective

Interconnective were contacted by a client looking for a solution to transport their cash takings securely, and approached various cash handling solutions providers, including Volumatic, to see what was available for their client.

The Volumatic Solution

Volumatic were contacted by Byron Logue, Director at Interconnective, and spoke to our sales team who told him about our cash collection trolley as a potential solution for their client, plus the benefits of purchasing from Volumatic, with our long-standing expertise in providing cash handling solutions across the globe. Our cash trolleys were exactly the solution their client was looking for.

However, the biggest challenge was that the client Interconnective were representing needed these products immediately. Volumatic were able to pull out all the stops to offer next day delivery on all the products they needed, which made the decision to go ahead with placing an order with Volumatic an easy one for Interconnective.

The Outcome

Interconnective purchased several cash trolleys and their client received them the next day, fulfilling their needs, and would happily recommend Volumaitc to other businesses in need of cash handling solutions, particularly recommending our Sales team for their help in securing the products extremely quickly.

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"Volumatic has
been great to work

with and really went
the extra mile to
ensure that I was able
to meet my client’s

Byron Logue, Interconnective

The key product in this Case Study was the Cash Trolleys

Cash Trolleys Overview Volumatic's range of cash trolleys are perfect for letting you streamline your cash handling process, reducing the risk of theft and making your staff feel...

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