Case Study:
Genting Casino UK

Founded in 1965, the Genting Group has been the respected name in developing, operating and marketing casinos in integrated resorts all over the world.

Genting needed a friction note counter that they could rely on, and turned to Volumatic for the solution...

Challenges faced by Genting Casino UK

Genting Casino UK owns 39 casinos in the UK, which includes their flagship Genting International Casino in the £150 million development of Resorts World Birmingham. With casinos operating throughout the UK, it is vital that Genting Casino’s venues can process cash as efficiently as possible, and a need was identified for additional note counters. This also coincided with preparation for the launch of polymer notes in the UK and units needing Bank of England accreditation. Genting therefore approached various suppliers for a suitable solution which would meet their requirements – not only for today, but also for the future – especially with the introduction of £20 polymer notes in 2020.

The Volumatic Solution

Genting Casinos UK Ltd ( trialled four different note counters from a selection of cash-handling companies: three existing suppliers and a new provider, Volumatic. After conducting an extensive audit of Genting’s cash-handling processes, we recommended the FC300 note counter and forgery detector – an optimal friction note counting solution, known for its reliability and speed in counting an impressive 1,500 notes per minute. The FC300 cash counting machine was placed in two casinos for a rigorous trial with highly-trained cash handlers.

After intense testing to prove its reliability and accuracy, Volumatic’s FC300 note counter similarly impressed Genting’s cash handlers. Subsequently, Genting Casinos UK Ltd confirmed that the FC300 was their chosen note-counter, as it provided a user-friendly, highly accurate solution, in conjunction with Volumatic’s first-class customer support. After unanimous approval throughout the company, Volumatic then began to design and build custom-specification FC300 units unique to Genting Casinos UK Ltd’s requirements.   

The Outcome

Speed was of the essence with the entire UK roll-out, enabling every casino to benefit from the reliable, custom-built FC300 note counter, with its counterfeit detection and time-saving processing. Volumatic have proudly installed an FC300 unit in the majority of Genting casinos across the UK with overwhelmingly positive feedback from each facility. Since full roll-out, Genting Casinos UK Ltd continues to be impressed with each unit’s exceptional performance, coupled with the attentive service from the Volumatic team.

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“Volumatic provides good-quality products and consistent excellent service. We enjoy a strong working partnership and would be happy to recommend Volumatic."

Joanna Rocks, Genting Group

The key product in this Case Study was the FC300 Bank Note Checker and Counter

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