Case Study:
Frasers Retail Ltd

Frasers Retail Ltd run a number of successful BP petrol forecourt sites in the south of England, each with their own Budgen's retail outlet.

Frasers turned to Volumatic to find an all-in-one solution to solve all their problems - reducing their cash handling and forgeries and providing extra security...


Challenges Faced by Frasers

Frasers were becoming frustrated with duplicate cash handling during their daily cash processing at their petrol forecourt sites across Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire. They wanted to simplify their process and provide more security for both their cash and their staff handling the cash. They also wanted to reduce the amount of counterfeit notes they were receiving.


The Volumatic Solution

Eager to find a solution, and to see if there was any technology out there that could help, Frasers attended the ReFuelForum UK event in Marbella, where PFS businesses get the opportunity to meet with suppliers that offer services relevant to their industry. While they were there, they were introduced to Volumatic, and the CounterCache Intelligent (CCi) all-in-one cash handling solution. Following a successful demo of the device, Frasers kept in touch with Volumatic and trialled the CCi at one of their sites.


The Outcome

Following the success of the trial, Frasers rolled the CCi out to a further two sites, and will follow that up with more during 2024. Alongside the CCi, Frasers also invested in our CashView Enterprise cash management software, which provided them with tools and reporting to help them reconcile efficiently and keep track of their cash, offering them a true end-to-end solution. They also chose to house each of their CCi devices in one of our CCi Security Enclosures - robust steel units that can be bolted to the floor and provide additional security, particularly in high-risk environments like retail stores.

Nick Fraser was delighted with the CCi stating: "Our hope was to reduce the duplicated cash handling in our office and the CCi has achieved that for us. The CCi units also add additional security as the money held in the till drawers is now much lower that it has been in the past. It’s great for catching forgeries as well." He added: "The daily balancing tools provided by the CashView Enterprise cash management software work well and it is so easy to reconcile our cash takings."  

He also had praise for the Volumatic customer service, stating: "Frasers received excellent service from Volumatic, both before and after installation. I would highly recommend the CCi to any retailers that are keen to invest their time on the shop floor rather than in the office."


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"I would highly recommend the CCi to any retailers that are keen to invest their time on the shop floor rather than in the office."

Nick Fraser,
Frasers Retail Ltd

The key product in this Case Study was the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) all-in-one solution

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