Case Study:
Card Factory

Card Factory is the leading specialist greetings cards and gifts retailer with over 1,000 stores across the UK and Ireland, having opened its first store in Wakefield in 1997.

By implementing a number of cash handling solutions provided by Volumatic, Card Factory has been able to enhance the efficiency and security of their stores...

Challenges Faced by Card Factory

Card Factory prides itself on offering outstanding quality products at exceptional prices to help their customers celebrate life's moments. Card Factory wanted colleagues to spend more time with customers by reducing the amount of time they spent handling cash.

The Volumatic Solution

With Card Factory having already installed Volumatic CountEasy money counting machines in stores to help colleagues count their till drawers efficiently and accurately, and being impressed by the time-saving this solution offered, Volumatic proactively approached Card Factory to see if they could improve things further with any more of our cash handling solution. After establishing Card Factory’s desire to be more secure and even more efficient, Volumatic proposed three new solutions to add to the CountEasy machine.

  1. CounterCache Classic - to keep their cash securly stored at POS
  2. CountEasy Connect Cable - to connect their CountEasy devices to our Connect software, allowing them to automatically populate a spreadsheet with their count information, saving time and reducing input errors 
  3. Till Cups - to help Card Factory colleagues achieve faster till counts with less coin handling

The Outcome

Knowing that Volumatic's CountEasy solution was reliable and had already improved efficiency in their stores, Card Factory trusted Volumatic's advice and invested in all three solutions, installing them at stores.

Card Factory reported that the CounterCache Classic devices made it easier for colleagues to serve customers, improved procedures and ensured a more secure environment. One store colleague said: "The CounterCache improves our security by reducing the amount of cash in our tills, minimising the risk of theft."

With the CountEasy Connect cable, the CountEasy machine was even more valuable. The reason for this was the fact that it was integrated into the stores' systems, improving their cash handling procedures, reducing errors, and increasing upload counts. The feedback from stores was very positive

The till cups were also extremely well-received by stores, particularly as they saved a significant amount of time when counting cash.

Mark Klieve, Head Of Business Improvement for Card Factory said: "Our partnership with Volumatic resulted in not only a safer environment for our colleagues to work in but a far more efficient one. Tasks have been removed from store, security-enhanced and store cash handling processes simplified. By using CounterCache, colleagues now spend much more time on the shop floor with our customers, improving customer service and helping driving sales. We are delighted with the results."

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"These solutions have supported us to ensure it's easier for our colleagues, better for customers, best for the business. Volumatic has proven supportive and proactive"

Cobi Davis,
Card Factory

The key product in this Case Study was the Counter Cache Classic secure storage device

Counter Cache Classic Overview With over 1,000,000 units installed worldwide, Volumatic Counter Cache secure storage devices protect well over $2 Billion in global retail cash every single day and...

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