Case Study:

Bucherer is one of Europe's biggest watch and jewellery retail chains for some of the most renowned brands in the world.

Bucherer always associate themselves with the best, and choosing to work with Volumatic was no exception...

Challenges Faced by Bucherer

Being faced on a daily basis with customers making high-end purchases with cash was becoming a challenge for Bucherer. Usually, it would take at least two members of staff to reconcile tills at the end of the day. Plus, at the time of purchase, sometimes each note would need to be individually validated in front of their customers which was very time-consuming for both the team and their customers.  

The Volumatic Solution

After visiting the Retail Business Technology Expo for a solution, Bucherer came across the Volumatic FC75 note counter and forgery detector, which they believed could be the key to enabling them to count and validate their cash more quickly and efficiently. They opted for an initial 10-day trial with us, alongside alternative competitor friction note counter machines for a fair comparison.

The Outcome

Within the trial period, Bucherer were able to identify that the competitor's friction note counters did not come close in comparison to the Volumatic offering. The FC75 meant that they were able to save a considerable amount of time counting and validating large amounts of cash. Staff members also commented that they found the FC75 easy to use. 

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"Having trialled the FC75 alongside another machine, I am happy to say that the alternative product didn’t compare to Volumatic’s FC75."

Anit Ramji, Head of Audit & Loss Prevention

The key product in this Case Study was the FC75 Note Counter

FC75 Note Counting Machine Overview The FC75 is a note counter machine you can depend on. Volumatic have supplied this tried-and-tested unit to many banks and organisations wanting to...

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