Case Study:
ARAL Riemeier

ARAL Riemeier is a leading petrol forecourt company in Germany offering a broad range of fuel solutions.

ARAL Riemeier chose Volumatic for the efficiency and safety our CCi solution gives them every day...

Challenges Faced by ARAL Riemeier

With three sites to manage, business owner, Daniel Riemeier, required a solution to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of cash handling at the point of sale. For ARAL Riemeier, efficiency was key and manually counting cash was a source of frustration felt throughout the team. With a team focused on fast service and customer care, manual cash processing slowed down their service and drained resources. It also increased the security risk for team members carrying out the reconciliation.

Furthermore, ARAL Riemeier wanted to minimise the financial burden of inaccuracies and discrepancies with their cash handling. For Daniel Riemeier, who managed three busy sites with multiple tills, the cash counting process needed to be smooth, seamless and accurate. If there were discrepancies, it caused significant problems for the business in the future.

The Volumatic Solution

To remove the risk of human error from the cash handling process, ARAL Riemeier chose the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) solution from Volumatic. With a CCi, the staff in the business are now able to deposit notes quickly and safely at the point of sale. As a result, the team can continue to offer excellent customer service. However, they no longer have the time-consuming task of manually processing cash at the end of the day. Furthermore, the notes remain safe in a secure, tamper-evident pouch within the CCi. These CCi pouches make depositing money at the bank a fast and easy process.

The Outcome

In just a short time, CCi has already transformed the cash handling process for ARAL Riemeier. Employees now feel more comfortable handling cash and the risk of theft has dropped considerably. Cash handling overall has become significantly quicker, simpler and more secure. With a CCi from Volumatic, ARAL Riemeier has significantly optimised their processes; saving time and reducing losses.

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“The CCi has enabled us to optimise our processes by being able to deposit notes during the course of business. I'm convinced we have made a solid decision.”

Daniel Riemeier, ARAL Riemeier

The key product in this Case Study was the CounterCache intelligent (CCi) Cash Stacker, Counter & Validator

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